QUIETNESS. As in a fantastic tale, dreams and old memories capture me. Mystery.

The wind, the sea, the  bitter aromas turning around endlessly. I run, I give out my fears, I drown, I breath deeply and start once again. In an unconsciously performance, I try to play, I need to listen to the quietness, feel it's vibrations so that I can vibrate too.

I stop and breath yet again. I am now able to play once more.


MEMORIES - SERIES: RED THREAD  explores the subjective re-ordening of a family narrative through intimate stories of a female universe. Three generations, mother, daughter, granddaughter, reconstruct the ties and spin fragments of past stories, choosing those that will make their memoir. Like plaits, these images are interlaced and invite the viewer to interpret the stories they tell. 

"Family ties are visceral, ties of blood that weave an intricate plot, a confidential tale involving parents, children, grandchildren, creating stories that are passed down from generation to generation. Clarice Lispector "Family Ties" 

The mystery and passion in Solange’s photos reveal intense family stories. With her camera, she captures events that take place in the intimate architecture of her childhood home where the rooms recreate the family tree.

Rays of sunshine inhabit the house little by little, and the tale of the golden locks takes us back to the frames in the greatest films by Hitchcock and Kaurismaki.

In this exhibition, the artist metaphorically sews photographs together, thus initiating a true metamorphosis of symbolic objects into images. It is the women in the family that mirror life-cycle events through these dreamlike images.

The camera and the red thread describe the loving and complex relationship ties represented in the hug, the dresses, a cage, a rooster, and a portrait, with their back to us in a magical setting.

S he daydreams in a sea of red flowers. The beginning and the end are cyclical. These female characters are continuously reborn, blooming again and again. This unique display is the thread, the sap that gives life to these human relationships, much like the artwork of Sophie Calle, Annette Messager, Elinor Carucci, Sally Mann and other well-known contemporary fine art photographers. Through the poetic look of the artist, the protagonists in this life story are reinvented and a bright new family tree is born.    " SEPTEMBER 2017 -  CURATOR: Fabiana Barreda

MEMORIES - SERIES: INHERITANCE explores the artist`s family history drawing on old family photo albums and their stories. Following an intimate chat with her mother, she manages to capture memories as well as treasured objects on camera. In the words of Susan Sontag, such a record binding past and present, images and life, will survive together"


​© 2016 by Solange Baqués

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